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We work to improve people’s quality of life through innovative, sustainable and effective pain relief


Create a medicine
for chronic pain


OUR MISSION is to discover new, safe and effective drugs to make those lives considerably better. We combine smart chemistry and bioscience to discover new medicines to treat diseases of the nervous system.

Our primary aim is to develop biased agonists of the delta (δ) opioid receptor (DOR). Unlike the mu (μ) opioid receptor which is the major target of conventional opioid drugs, activating the DOR does not provide good acute analgesia but produces excellent reversal of chronic pain in animal models. DOR agonists have none of the serious unwanted effects of conventional opioids. Including respiratory depression, abuse potential, itching and constipation.

There is currently an international epidemic of opioid overdosing that has led, particularly in the USA, to thousands of deaths and multiple lawsuits against Big Pharma companies. Our compounds are completely different to those conventional mu opioid drugs in terms of mechanism, efficacy and side effect profile.

It was previously thought that activation of particular receptors would have the same effects irrespective of agonist’s chemical structures but it is now clear that different structures can direct signalling down particular pathways, wanted or unwanted; this is agonist bias.

Current thinking is that preferentially activating G protein signalling vs arrestin protein signalling underpins optimal pharmacology for DOR agonists.

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