Prior to 2020

Establishing the base

  • Founding PharmNovo
  • PN6047 discovered
  • Convincing pre-clinical efficacy data
  • Patent applications in major markets


Setting the scene

  • GMP compound production and process development
  • Toxicology studies to support clinical studies
  • Phase I and clinical target engagement studies
  • Secure patent protection in all major markets

2023 -


  • Establishing efficacy and defining path to market
  • Phase IIA PoC efficacy studies in one or more patient populations
  • Identification of VC/Pharma partner
  • Alignment of path to market with regulatory authorities, in particular EMA and FDA
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HAVING FINALISED pre-clinical studies for PN6047, current focus is on taking this lead compound through regulatory toxicology and first in man trials. Our aim is to establish efficacy through Phase IIA PoC studies in one or more patient populations starting in 2023.

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