Research, pre-clinical and
patent application

  • PN6047 discovered
  • Preclinical tests very positive
  • Patent applications in major markets


Compound production,
GLP Reg Toxicology and
Phase 1 studies

  • Seek investors for GLP Reg Toxicology studies and Phase 1
  • Perform GLP Reg Tox studies and first studies in humans
  • Secure patent protection in all major markets


Phase 2A and find
Pharma partner

  • Perform Phase 2A
  • Partner with VC / Pharma companies to support the journey to market
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Our journey

HAVING FINALISED the pre-clinical studies for PN6047 PharmNovo’s focus is on taking this lead compound through regulatory toxicology and first in man trials. Our aim is to establish proof of concept through a Phase 2A study in 2023.

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