Bengt von Mentzer

There is a huge un-
met medical need
for patients suffering
from chronic pain


Chronic pain has a severe impact not only on individual sufferers’ physical and mental health  but also on national economies . In the USA almost 20% of adults suffer from  chronic pain (2016) with an estimated annual cost of $560 billion in direct medical costs, lost productivity, and disability programs.

Existing chronic pain drugs are only effective for some patients and they have important unwanted side effects so PharmNovo’s mission is to create a safe and effective medicine for chronic pain treatment.

Our team has taken our novel molecule PN6047 successfully through preclinical studies and it is now ready for regulatory toxicology and first in man clinical studies. This is a great achievement for a small Biopharma company. Today I am totally convinced that we can deliver a safe and effective  medicine to the chronic pain market.

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