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Neuropathic pain therapy point by point

OUR LEAD MOLECULE PN6047 has the ability to become a medicine for the treatment of chronic pain. This is underpinned by the following:

  • PN6047 is a novel fully patented molecule without any significant toxic effects in preclinical testing. PN6047 can be cost effectively synthesized
  • PN6047 is highly selective for the delta opioid receptor and does not interact with other receptors, transporters or enzymes studied
  • PN6047 preferentially signals via Gi proteins compared with arrestin proteins
  • PN6047 has high potency and efficacy in reducing neuropathic pain in various animal models
  • PN6047 lacks unwanted morphine-like side-effects, such as analgesic tolerance, drug abuse potential and respiratory depression
  • PN6047 has an excellent preclinical safety profile lacking CVS/GIT interactions and seizure induction
  • PN6047 shows no histopathological  effects following long-term multiple high dose administration.

THUS, PN6047 can be the drug of choice to combat neuropathic pain and other conditions involving sensory hypersensitivity such as chronic cough and itch.

PN6047 vs. Conventional

The advantages of PN6047, versus current neuropathic pain medicines are potentially substantial.

vs Conventional Opioids:  
Better efficacy in sensory hypersensitivity disorders; no μ-opioids receptor side effects; no analgesic  tolerance; no abuse potential.

vs Gabapentin:
No dose adjustment in renal insufficiency patients; no abuse potential; no cytochrome enzyme inhibition so less drug interactions.

vs Amitriptyline:
No cardiovascular complications; lower metabolite exposure; no dose adjustment in hepatic insufficiency patients; no significant food or drug interactions.

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May 2, 2023

PharmNovo attending LSX 3–4 May

PharmNovo will participate in the LSX World Congress in London, 3-4 May. Our CEO, Per von Mentzer, will present PharmNovo and the latest progress in the ongoing clinical trial of our innovative new drug candidate for neuropathic pain, PN6047.

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May 2, 2023

Jesper Kjerulff leads again

PharmNovo is very pleased to inform you that our former project leader, Jesper Kjerulff has returned as project leader and Chief Operations Officer.

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December 22, 2022

PharmNovo at Biostock

CEO Per von Mentzer presented PharmNovo at the BioStock - Connecting Innovation and Capital Life Science Fall Summit 2022. Watch his presentation addressing the large, unmet medical needs in the neuropathic pain market and learn more about our ongoing clinical trial and how we will achieve project milestones as PharmNovo moves forward.

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October 11, 2022

Strengthening the team

PharmNovo has strengthened the team with a new experienced Project Manager and a Clinical Trial Manager

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