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A compound with therapeutic potential

PharmNovo aims to develop novel drugs with superior clinical properties to treat patients with neuropathic pain.

Our lead compound PN6047 is a novel potent, selective and biased signalling delta opioid receptor agonist, which is predicted to reduce common symptoms of neuropathic pain and combat other conditions involving sensory hypersensitivity, including chronic cough and itch.

PharmNovo’s drug candidate PN6047 also addresses another problem: neuropathic pain patients frequently suffer from associated anxiety and depression, which exacerbates their pain and generates a vicious cycle of low mood and increasing pain.  DOR agonists can attenuate both pain and the associated emotional disorders.

In various pre-clinical studies, PN6047 has shown high selectivity and potency and very convincing efficacy in reducing neuropathic pain without any signs of the unwanted side effects of traditional opioids, such as respiratory depression, abuse potential and the development of tolerance.

PN6047 has an excellent pre-clinical safety profile and fully medicine-like properties predicting favourable dosing in humans.

PN6047 has fully drug-able properties and characteristics enabling the production of a commercial solid dosage form.

PharmNovos' current focus is on demonstrating efficacy through Phase IIA Proof of Concept studies in one or more patient populations starting in 2024.

Prior to 2020

Establishing the baseline

  • PN6047 developed
  • Convincing pre-clinical efficacy data
  • Patent applications in significant markets

Setting the scene

  • GMP compound production and process development
  • Toxicology studies to support clinical studies
  • Phase I and clinical target engagement studies
  • Secure patent protection in all major markets


  • Establishing efficacy and defining  market
  • Phase IIA PoC efficacy studies in one or more patient populations
  • Identification of VC/Pharma partner
  • Alignment of path to market with regulatory authorities, in particular, EMA and FDA

Latest news

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October 3, 2023

Phase I study completed for PN6047

In August 2022, PharmNovo initiated the First-In-Human, (FIH), clinical study for the company’s drug candidate PN6047, aimed at evaluating its safety and tolerability. By August 2023, the study was completed, involving 104 subjects across 13 cohorts, which included both Single Ascending Dose (SAD) and Multiple Ascending Dose (MAD) cohorts. Each cohort consisted of 8 subjects, with 6 receiving active treatment and 2 receiving placebo.

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October 3, 2023

PharmNovo presented at the BioStock Investor Meeting

PharmNovo participated at the BioStock Investor Meeting in Stockholm on September 20. Our CEO presented the development and phase I clinical study of our drug candidate PN6047, which is in its final phase.

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September 28, 2023

No abuse potential shown in preclinical studies

We are delighted to share promising preclinical results for our innovative drug candidate PN6047, further confirming its safety profile. PN6047 is designed to provide relief from neuropathic pain, and these findings reinforce our commitment to safe and effective pain management as we prepare for Phase II trials in 2024.

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September 10, 2023

Latest progress from PharmNovo at EFIC

PharmNovo will participate in the 13th Congress of the European Pain Federation, EFIC, in Budapest from 20-22 September. The EFIC Congress is the largest international congress on pain.

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