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July 26, 2018

PN6047 and respiratory depression

Since 2008 PharmNovo has developed  novel molecules which are highly selective, potent and  effective in animal models of chronic pain. We have designed compounds with ligand bias which means that they have a very favourable activity profile with none of the unwanted effects characteristic of conventional opioids that act mainly through mu opioid receptors. Our compounds are agonists of the delta opioid receptor, activation of which is known to effectively combat chronic but not acute pain.

Studies with our candidate compound, PN6047, have revealed no unwanted behavioural, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal effects and recently we have demonstrated that PN6047 does not depress respiration which is a potentially fatal side effect of conventional opioids. We believe that PN6047 could contribute significantly in the worldwide battle against conventional opioid addiction and toxicity.


Bengt von Mentzer

22 MSEK new funding

PharmNovo has completed a new share issue of 22 million SEK with the Sciety investment syndicate as the lead investor.

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Research coaction

As a result of our publication in JPET with University of Bristol, contact was established with Prof. Amynah Pradhan at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

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New CEO appointed

The board of PharmNovo AB is pleased to announce that former VP Business Development Per von Mentzer assumed the position as new Chief Executive Officer of PharmNovo AB effective May 2020.

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JPET approves PN6047

In collaboration with our research partners at the University of Bristol, we have had a manuscript detailing the results of our preclinical studies of PN6047 accepted for publication in the highly cited Journal of Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JPET), the official journal of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET).

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