Therapeutic focus


PHARMNOVO AIMS TO CREATE novel drugs with superior clinical properties to treat patients with chronic pain using our knowledge and experience of drug design and G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology. Our specific target is the delta opioid receptor (DOR).

PharmNovo’s aim is to target the multiple disease areas of chronic pain, including neuropathic, osteoarthritic and migraine pain and the commonly associated conditions of anxiety and depression. These disease areas have mechanistic commonalities susceptible to the company’s novel approach to drug discovery.

Given the complexity of chronic pain states we think it is impractical to attempt to produce a medicine that will treat all aspects of the various disorders and PharmNovo’s development strategy is focussed on sensory hypersensitivity conditions, such as mechanical allodynia and hyperalgesia, which are common and hard-to-treat components of many chronic pain states.

Although PharmNovo’s immediate focus is on the use of DOR activating drugs (agonists) in chronic pain therapy, other clinical opportunities exist including the treatment of neurological disorders such as migraine, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases and chronic cough.

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